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Cleaning your room

What kind of materials should be used for cleaning?

Using just a cloth and a brush is not enough for cleaning. Special cleaning products are required for the removal of limescale deposits, grease etc. With regular cleaning you will get better results more easily. Use rubber gloves to avoid skin damage with domestic chemical products!

From our experience the following products have proved most effective:

Limescale: Cillit Bang – an excellent product even for floors if used with a strong-bristled brush. Do not worry about the white bubbly reaction on the surface cleaned – the process decomposes the limescale and allows you to remove it easily.
Kitchen range: Cif or some other creamy paste (NB! Do not pour liquid over the stovetop switches).
Pipelines: In order to prevent clogging, it would be practical to use pipe cleaning agents regularly and to clean the drain pit in the shower room. Do not let food leftovers go down the kitchen sink, they will clog the drain. Always clean hair from the bathroom drain after you shower.
The grease filter of the air cleaner can be cleaned with a dish-washing agent (e.g. Fairy) and cleaning paste (e.g. Cif).


Also garbage and used packaging should be taken out by tenants themselves and it is advisable to sort them into the respective garbage containers. The regular garbage container and biodegradable garbage containers are next to the Torn building. The paper recycling container is in front of the Betton building.