Additional services


In order to get a place or a room in the student dormitory, you need to submit an electronic application (instructions for filling in the application form can be found here). After that you will be put on the waiting list and you will receive a room offer as soon as anything suitable becomes available. The notice of a room offer will automatically be sent to your e-mail and it usually takes about a week to get the offer. Students of The Estonian University of Life Sciences will be prioritized, if we have any free places left, we will also accommodate students of other universities.


So far accommodation in the University dormitories has been granted for all our international students starting their studies at our University. 

The application round for the beginning study year begins in the first week of August.

The offer for a place serves as confirmation that you have a place waiting for you in our student residence. In other words, after you have accepted the offer, you do not need any other confirmation from us that you have accommodation in EMU dormitories.

Do not accept the offer for a place just in case or as an alternative option. Please let us know immediately if you no longer want a place at our dormitory so we can offer it to the next student. 

When you arrive at the dormitory, you have to sign the Lease Agreement and pay the deposit. With signing the agreement the financial obligations come into force. After signing the contract, the key to your room and an access card to open the entrance of the dormitory will be issued. Your photo will be taken for our campus system.

We require a 30-day notification policy for ending the lease agreement. If we are not notified at least 30 days before you wish to leave the dormitory, you will still have to pay rent for the next 30 days even if you choose to leave sooner. We cannot end your contract unless your room is cleaned and personally handed over to the accommodation manager. Then your signature will be added to the lease agreement which will end the contract. After that you can return your keys to the reception and leave.
The application for early termination of the lease agreement can be found in the reception or in the accommodation manager's office.