All new Estonian University of Life Sviences' students that arrive to Estonia need to do a COVID test on arrival and spend 10 days in self-isolation before  they can move to their assigned dormitory room. There are only a few exceptions to this (visible here). All students have the option to self-isolate in a separately rented facility (e.g. hotel, airbnb) or spend their self-isolation in the dormitory. In case all our self-isolation rooms are full by the time your flight is planned, you will need to find alternative accommodation for the 10-day period so check with your university contact person before deciding.




Length of self-isolation period  
7 days* 84€
10 days 141€


* It is possible to shorten the self-isolation period to 7 days if the students prefers to pay for another COVID-test at a private clinic after self-isolationg for 7 days and receives a negative result.




According to rector's orders, University of Life Sciences dormitories will start using a new rent and additional services price list, starting from January 1 2021. All contracts, that we make after January 1 2021, will follow the new price list.


All residents of Torn and Betton, who currently have a valid rent contract, can still keep their contract and the current deposit amount you paid will still be valid (100€ or 200€, depending on your contract) until your contract ends or until you change your contract (e.g. you change rooms). When you change your contract after January 1, you will need to pay an additional amount of deposit to your Campus account, so that your deposit matches the new price list.

Other prices in the price list will be valid for all current tenants from January 1st and next year you will already receive the new invoices with updated prices.

Starting from the New Year, you will no longer have rent and utilities marked separately on your invoice - there will be one monthly set amount, which already includes rent, utilities and washing fee. This set amount depends on the kind of contract you have (see list below). This amount will be the same each month, both in winter and summer months. This change will decrease the chance of any mistakes appearing on your rent invoices and it will make paying the invoices easier. Tenants will know exactly how big the invoice will be each month and can plan their finances accordingly. 

If your contract starts or ends in the middle of the month, you will still only need to pay for the amount of days your contract was valid that month.

Every invoice will also include washing machine uses so you can wash your laundry as many times in one month as you need, without needing to pay extra. Just make sure everyone in the building can have their turn!

Since the washing fees will be already included in the rent price, the size of the rent invoice will not depend on how many machine washes you do from January 1st 2021. You will still need to activate the machine with your door card, but it will not register 2€ to your invoice like before. Next year you will not need to inform the manager in case you use the card several times. 


All prices are final prices, there will be nothing more added!


  • One place in a double room in Torn (in shared 2-person room) - 109€ / month
  • Double room in Torn - 218€ / month
  • Single room in Torn - 155€ / month
  • Family room in Torn - 300€ / month
  • Deposit (for one place in a shared room/for single room/for family room) - 150€
  • Deposit for twin room - 300€

  • Changing your contract - 10€
  • Bedding rent (for EMÜ students only) - 5€ / month
  • Ordering new room key - 31€
  • Ordering new door card - 10€
  • Not cleaning your room and apartment common area before moving out - 50€
  • Causing a fire alarm due to tenant's carelessness - 50€
  • Fixing a plumbing problem caused by the tenant (kitchen, shower room, toilet blockages) - 20€
  • Damaging the ventilation limiter of the dormitory window - 31€