Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions

Annex no. 3 to Lease Agreement


for rooms and implements in the dormitory


1.             Unauthorized drilling of holes in the dormitory rooms is strictly forbidden. This may only be done by the Landlord’s representative.

2.             Tenants shall compensate damage caused to walls, implements and doors by putting posters and stickers on them.

3.             Be careful when using and cleaning an electric stove. Clean the stove with a wet cloth, avoid water penetrating the stove through the regulating knobs.

4.             Switch on the air cleaner during cooking. Clean (wash) the air cleaner’s filter at least once a month.

5.             At least 2 times a year switch off the refrigerator, defrost it and clean the inside. It is forbidden to use sharp tools to remove ice from the refrigerator.

6.             Promptly notify the Landlord’s representative of defects in materials and items installed in the dormitory rooms. It is forbidden to repair materials and items yourself.

7.             It is forbidden to relocate and repair furniture and items yourself or place them in the corridor.

8.             When plugging in the TV, radio, phone or computer, observe the designations on the wall outlets.

9.             Once a week, remove the grating from the drain hole in the shower and clean the floor and trap, using cleaning agents intended for this purpose. Use the grating in the sink to avoid clogging up pipes. Promptly notify the Landlord’s representative of a clogged trap or sink to avoid emergencies in water pipelines. If the tenant has not cleaned the trap or used the grating, they shall compensate damage incurred in the elimination of the consequences of any emergency as well as floor cleaning expenses. The cost of eliminating the consequences of a water damages by the resident and fixed by the repair personnel of the dorm is 20 € per occasion.

10.         It is forbidden to close vents in the exterior wall.

11.         If you leave the room during the heating season for more than one day, reduce the heating level.

12.         Fire safety:

Do not touch smoke sensors in rooms or corridors and do not push alarm buttons in corridors for no reason.

If an alarm goes off in the corridors, promptly exit the building using the evacuation route.

If you notice a fire, immediately notify the Rescue Board (112) and then inform a security guard.

Familiarise yourself with the instructions on what to do in emergencies, which are available at the security desk in the dormitory.


Rules for using the computer network in the EMÜ dormitories

1. General provisions

1.1 The rules in hand are integral for using the computer networks in the EMÜ dormitories and become binding for the parties after the provisions have been agreed with.

1.2 The administrator of the EMÜ dormitories' computer network is the Estonian University of Life Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the administrator); who, through its representatives, monitors the adherence to the rules.

1.3 In cases which are not covered by the rules, the rules of EENet, legal acts of the Republic of Estonia and the good practices of using computer networks are followed.

2. Rights of the user

2.1 The right to use the services of the computer network

2.2 To issue written and reasoned complaints to the administrator, regarding the administration of the dormitories’ computer network.

2.3 To allow third parties to use the computer networks in the user’s room, using the user’s computer. The user shall remain liable for damages and legal or other violations caused by third parties

2.4 To make suggestions to the administrator, regarding improvement of the computer network and its services.

3. Obligations of the user

3.1 The user must inform the administrator immediately, if any damage to the network occurs, regardless of the causes and the nature of the damages.

3.2 To adhere to the limitations and guidelines issued to the user by the administrator.

4. Rights of the administrator

4.1 The administrator has the right to limit the use of the computer network for carrying out their required tasks, if there is a true need for it. The user shall be informed of all these limitations by the administrator.

4.2 To gather information from the user required for carrying out their tasks.

5. Obligations of the administrator

5.1 To maintain the working order and safety of the systems under their care.

5.2 To issue immediate information to the users regarding anomalies in the systems’ work.

5.3 To protect the data they have access to due to the nature of their work, the owner of which has not given clear consent regarding forwarding the data in question to third parties, except in cases where they are required by law to break the data protection provision.

5.4 To answer users’ questions regarding the nature of the administrator’s work.

5.5 To solve or to find solutions to problems raised by the user.

6. Restrictions for the user

6.1 Damaging appliances installed by the administrator necessary for maintaining the connection is prohibited.

6.2 The user is not allowed to connect any other appliances to the network (routers etc.) besides their own computer, nor are they allowed to manually change the IP address.

6.3 Any activities that may cause disturbances in the computer network are prohibited.

6.4 The use of vulnerabilities of the computer systems or operation systems for gaining additional access and privileges in the computer network of the dormitories or any other networks is prohibited.

6.5 Using the computer network for commercial objectives is forbidden.

6.6 Keeping the computer's NIC (or any other network device) in snooping (promiscuous) mode is forbidden.

7. Consequences of misuse of the network

7.1 In case of suspected misuse, the administrator shall contact the user to determine the real situation.

7.2 The administrator has the right to limit the user’s access till the circumstances have been cleared by the user.

7.3 In case of deliberate or recurring rule breaking, the user may be issued a warning, their access to the computer network may be further limited, or it may be revoked for a set period of time or indefinitely. If the

damages inflicted are extensive, causing direct material damage to the administrator, the administrator has the right to file a lawsuit to claim damages from the offending party, or to log a complaint with the police.

7.4 The manager of the EMÜ dormitories properties is responsible for handing out warnings, issuing additional usage limitations and usage bans.

7.5 The person suspected of breaking the rules is allowed to put forward their explanation.

7.6 Rule violations by the administrator shall be handled by the manager of the EMÜ dormitories properties.

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